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  1. 1) Payment methods we accept
  2. 2) When will I be charged for my order
  3. 3) Payment notification of Authorization: it is not a double charge!
  4. 4) Troubleshooting Failed Authorizations and Payment Declines
  5. 5) You may take the following steps to resolve payment issues
  6. 6) Do I have to pay sales tax?
  7. 7) United States Government Purchasers
  8. 8) Other Exempt Purchasers
  9. 9) How to submit this information
  10. 10) How can Schools and Government Agencies send a Purchase Order?
  11. 11) Instructions for Schools & Universities
  12. 12) Instructions for Government Agencies
  13. 13) Coupons, Promotions and Rebates
  14. 14) How do I apply a coupon code?
  15. 15) Rebate Policies 

Payment methods we accept: accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. You can use debit and check cards issued by the companies above as well as their standard credit cards. For instance, if you are paying with a Visa Check Card, please select Visa from the drop-down menu during checkout when indicating the card type.

We also accept corporate purchasing cards as payment. These cards are typically used by corporations and institutions to better track purchases.

We do not currently accept international wire transfers, money orders, personal checks, cashier’s checks or any other payment method not listed above. We do not ship COD. We are unable to apply manufacturer’s coupons.

If you are a school or other government agency requesting open terms, please see "How can Schools and Government Agencies send a Purchase Order?"

When will I be charged for my order?

Since we do not think you should pay for your order until it is actually on its way, will not bill you until your products are actually shipped.

If you have ordered multiple items and they are shipped in different packages, you may see separate charges. In this case, you will only be charged for shipping once and the separate charges will add up to your original total.

Debit cards - We do authorize funds from your account as soon as you place an order, which may affect the available funds in debit accounts. With most banks, these authorizations will usually reflect as a "pending" transaction until your order ships and is officially billed.

Please be sure to provide the exact billing address and telephone number your credit card company has on file for you. Incorrect information may cause a delay in processing your order.

Payment notification of Authorization: it is not a double charge!

When you place an order online, an authorization is automatically generated on your card statement to secure the funds for the merchant until the actual charge takes place. Your credit/debit card has not been charged at this point. You will only be charged at the time of shipment. In case you see two transactions on your statement, one of them will drop within 1-3 business days depending on your credit/debit card company policies. The first one is just an authorization; the second one is the actual charge.

Troubleshooting Failed Authorizations and Payment Declines

To protect your security and privacy, your bank cannot provide Inkvironment with information on why your payment was declined. Our Customer Service can help you verify if you entered your payment information correctly on your order. If there are no errors and the problem persists, you will need to contact your bank directly.

Contact your bank to resolve other payment issues even if:

  • - You have successfully used the same payment method on a previous order.
  • - Part of your order has already been charged and shipped successfully.
  • - You have funds available in your bank or credit account to cover the order cost.

You may take the following steps to resolve payment issues:

  • -Your bank may flag any unexpected activity on your account. This includes first-time orders and high-value purchases,  regardless of the amount of funds available (or credit limit). Your bank may require your verbal authorization to proceed  with a transaction. Contact your bank about payment security policies.
  • -Contact your bank about daily withdrawal or purchase limits. Most banks have limits on how much money can be charged or  accessed in a single day. If you exceed this daily amount, your bank may block your account from any further activity  regardless of available funds in the account. Your bank may require you to request a higher purchase limit to complete the  transaction.
  • -Contact your bank about payment authorizations and reserved funds. When you place an order with us, we contact your  cards issuing bank to confirm that your credit card has a valid number and has not been reported as lost or stolen. This is  communicated via a full authorization for the amount of the purchase.

If you make changes to your order, cancel items, or a multiple-item order ships in more than one shipment, your card may be authorized for each change and funds may be reserved against your account for each authorization.

Some banks have been known to hold these authorizations for 7-10 business days. If your payment is declining due to lack of available funds, contact your bank to confirm if the reserved funds are authorizations, verify for how long they hold authorizations, and request that they remove any extra authorization to free up funds in your account.

  • -Verify the payment information entered on your order. Did your billing address change recently or did you get a new card  with a new expiration date? If you used a payment method on Your Account already, you may simply need to update some  of the information. If you entered a new payment method, make sure you entered the number and other information  correctly.
  • -Submit an alternate payment method for your order. If you are unable to resolve the payment issue with your bank in a timely manner, you are always welcome to change the payment method on your order to another card.


Do I have to pay sales tax?

Orders Subject to Sales Tax

Items sold by and shipped to destinations in the state of California are subject to tax.

The statewide sales tax rate is currently 8.25%. However, some locations have additional "district" taxes, so the rate may be higher.


United States Government Purchasers

Sales tax does not apply to purchases made by the United States Government. In order to document that a sale has been made to the U.S. Government, we need to obtain a copy of one of the following:

  • - Federal tax ID certificate
  • - Certificate of exempt status
  • - Photocopy of your qualified U.S. Government Credit Card (Smart Pay Card)
  • - Government Voucher
  • - Check from the U.S. Government payable to

Other Exempt Purchasers

If you purchase our items for resale, the transaction is not subject to sales tax provided you furnish the required documentation. If you are a reseller but the items you are purchasing from us are not for resale, the transaction will not be tax exempt.

In order for taxes to be removed from your order, we will ask you to provide a resale certificate, which must contain the following information:

  • - The name and address of the purchaser.
  • - The number of the sellers permit held by the purchaser
  • - A description of the items to be purchased.
  • - A statement that the described product is being purchased for resale.
  • - The date of the document.
  • - The signature of the purchaser or someone approved to act in his or her behalf.


How to submit this information

First, place your order through our website. After you have placed your order, please submit the necessary information by fax. Our fax number is 1-844-866-3474. If your order has not been charged yet, sales tax will be removed. If your order has already been charged, the corresponding refund will be issued.


How can Schools and Government Agencies send a Purchase Order?

Here at we take pride in providing our nation’s schools and government agencies with superior service and rock-bottom pricing on printer ink and toner cartridges.

We have a dedicated customer service representative staying by 7 days a week to assist you.

Instructions for Schools & Universities:

Fax your Purchase Order to 1-844-866-3474 or email it to Alternatively, you can also mail it to:

  • 2549 Eastbluff Dr Ste 276
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660

Please make sure your Purchase Order includes the following:

  • - Name of School / University
  • - Name, phone and fax number of contact person
  • - Full shipping and billing addresses
  • - E-mail address (to send you the order confirmation and tracking number)
  • - PO number
  • - Items you wish to order, including our part number or the OEM part number, quantity, and if possible your printer brand and model.


Instructions for Government Agencies:

Fax your order to 1-844-866-3474 (Attn Angie) or email it to Alternatively, you can also mail it to:

  • 2549 Eastbluff Dr Ste 276
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660

Once your order is received, we will contact you and give you further instructions.

Coupons, Promotions and Rebates

How do I get a coupon code?

Weekly promotions appear on our homepage. You may choose among the various coupon codes we offer, but make sure to choose wisely as you can only use one coupon per order.

If you would like to get our promotions and coupons via email, you may subscribe to our weekly newsletter. On the bottom right-hand side of our homepage, you will see a box that reads "Weekly newsletter". Enter your email address and hit "Sign up".

How do I apply a coupon code?

Go to your shopping cart and you will see a field to enter a Coupon/Promo Code. Type it in and hit "Apply". It’s that simple!

Coupons and Promotions Policies:

-All coupons are limited to one coupon per order.

-Coupons are not valid after your order has been shipped. We charge orders at the time of shipment, so if your order has been dispatched, we can no longer apply a coupon code.

-Coupons and promotions are issued with expiration dates and are valid while supplies last.

-Each coupon has different requirements and discounts. Dollar-off coupons may have minimum purchase amounts. Percentage-off  and shipping coupons may have maximum dollar values. All requirements must be met to receive your discount.

-Some coupons are valid only on certain products.

-Coupons cannot be replaced if the code is lost or stolen.

-Dollar-off or percentage-off coupons are applied to the merchandise subtotal before any shipping charges or taxes have been  applied.

-If you cancel or return item(s), this may change or void coupon discounts applied to your order. This happens when the  cancellation or return causes the merchandise subtotal (before any shipping charges or taxes have been applied) to fall below  the minimum requirement. If you return an item that was purchased with a coupon, you will be refunded only the amount you  paid (that is, the price of the item, less the coupon value).

-Ground shipping coupons are not valid for addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, Guam, AS, FM, MH, MP, NT, PE, PR, PW, and  US Virgin Islands.


Rebate Policies:

Rebate forms are provided for viewing purposes and to print out for submission. Please follow the instructions for rebates supplied by the product manufacturer. Inkvironment is not responsible for acceptance or denial of your rebate submission. Please contact the rebate provider for more details.

Terms and conditions vary per rebate and determined by the manufacturer offering the rebate. In order to claim your rebate, follow the instructions listed on the rebate form. Please refer to the manufacturer offering the rebate for questions regarding the rebate form, its instructions, or the status of your rebate.

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