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Inkvironment Inkjets And Laser Cartridges Recycling Programs


Inkvironment is your environmentally responsible recycling solution for empty ink and toner cartridges. Our collection centers for inkjets and laser cartridges are providing our customers with the most advanced recycling programs that focus on easy return solutions for the consumer while demonstrating environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to be a leader in the movement of improving our environment.


How it Works

1)  CREATE AN ACCOUNT - It's quick and easy. Become a member to our site and start recycling your empty cartridges today.

2) COLLECT AND SEND BACK YOUR EMPTY CARTRIDGES. Simply collect all your customers’ empty cartridges and send them back to us in our free return boxes and prepaid ARS shipping labels.

Why Recycle

*Did you know? Over 350 million cartridges are thrown into our landfills annually. That’s over 29 million  cartridges a month.

*Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 3.4 pounds of metal and plastic waste to our landfills  waste that will take as long as 1,000 years to decompose.

*More than 3 quarts of oil are used to produce each laser cartridge. The plastic used in each printer  cartridge takes more than 10 centuries (that's 1000 years!) to decompose.

Did You Know:

In North America, more than 40,000 tons of plastic and metal is saved from landfills annually as a result of cartridge recycling. For every 100,000 used cartridges recycled, we can save 9599 kilograms of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic, and 1,000,000 liters of oil. Ink cartridge recycling has virtually become synonymous with successful sustainable development.

Now imagine the exponential savings by reusing those cartridges BEFORE recycling them. Reuse is the highest form of recycling which is why remanufacturing is the ideal way to give used inkjet and toner cartridges another life - a life which doesn’t include being abandoned in a landfill where it can take more than 1,000 years for the cartridge to decompose.



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